About The Dog And The Crow

Those of you who’ve ever stayed over or shared an apartment with me already know that, when i’m not obliged to actually share a room with someone, i have the only-a-very-very-little eerie habit of leaving my laptop on through the night playing itunes recordings of my own voice reading aloud. My new years resolution was to record at least one new poem every morning to add to that library. Needless to say that didnt happen but, unlike any other resolution i’ve ever made, it’s been at least semi-regular and, in order to keep that going and to stay in coordination with a few friends (really just Charles Lucas) who were asking for them, i’ve set up this blog that i dont actually know how to operate. But presuming I do get it going, the plan will be to routinely upload whatever i’m reading on the day. None of the work will be mine with the exception of a few non-English poems for which it’s easier to just supply my own translations. Occasionally, I’ll upload the actual authors reading or possibly even talking about their work when the YouTube stars are in alignement. Really just a vainglorious attempt to keep my days and thoughts together.


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